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Are you still contemplating buying a new car? Budds’ BMW explains the benefits of purchasing a new car at our Oakville Dealership!

Is your current car giving you trouble? Do you have to make regular visits to the mechanic? If so, you might want to replace your old vehicle with a new one. Of course, it may seem like a major investment, but with the range of finance options available today, purchasing a new car is a painless and trouble-free task. Besides, the idea of a new car sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Imagine the purr of the new engine. Think about the power and control you will have, minus the worry of your car breaking down! The feeling is divine and exciting.

If you are still unsure if buying a new car in Oakville isn’t a good decision, check out these benefits from Budds’ BMW:

Freedom of Choice

When you are planning on buying a new car, you are the boss. You can consider any vehicle, model, and class you want and can even test drive them all. You can choose your favorite color, the cloth and leather upholstery, equipping it with the features you require, and even include technology add-ons like audio, entertainment, and communications systems. In simple words, you can buy a car that suits your needs. Visit our showroom for new cars in Oakville at our dealership located just off of the QEW and Bronte Road, or website to find a vehicle suiting your specifications!
Popularity and Strong Resale Values

Many people are told the moment they drive the vehicle off the dealership lot, the car loses its value. This isn’t completely true and depreciation doesn’t mean you won’t get good money at a later time, if you decide on selling. BMWs have a strong resale value and those in high demand will have even higher values. So, why continue to driving an older car, when you can take advantage of a vehicle with a good resale value! This way, you can also open up opportunities to buy or trade-in for a new vehicle every few years if you want to enjoy the latest features, and aesthetic upgrades.

Better Finance Rates

Buying a new car in Oakville can be the largest investment you make, second to the purchase of your home. Budds’ BMW Oakville offer good financing rates to allow drivers to purchase their favorite new BMW and drive away happy.

Peace of Mind

In addition to obtaining all the features you want in a car, you have complete peace of mind with the purchase of a new vehicle. If something is wrong, Budds’ BMW Oakville offers bumper-to-bumper warranty as well as additional warranties for wear and tear so that you’re completely covered!

If you’re looking for a new car in Oakville, contact us today by filling out our contact form!

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