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Planning on buying a used car? Search Budds’ BMW inventory of used SUVs, coupes, and sedans in Oakville.

In the world we live in today, cars aren’t a luxurious asset. They are a necessity for individuals of all age groups, enabling them to travel from point A to B without hassle. It is because of this reason why most people now prefer purchasing cars from a reputable dealership. In fact, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of people buying used cars over the years. This can be owed to various factors like lack of availability, budgetary constraints, and increasing prices of new cars. Do you plan on buying a used car in Oakville? If so, here are a few pros and cons you should know about from Budds’ BMW Oakville:


  • Save Up – If you are the second owner, you can save a lot of money, without sacrificing on quality and good features.
  • Warranty Transfer – When you purchase a used car that is still under original warranty, you can easily have it transferred to your name. This way, you can leverage warranty, without really paying for it.
  • Pay Less – If you buy a used BMW vehicle from our Oakville inventory, you can expect to pay less for registration, insurance, and tax. This can prove beneficial for those who lack finance for purchasing a new car. You can also find different styles of used domestic cars, classic cars, and imported cars on the web easily.


  • CarFax Report –When you are buying a used car, it is imperative to get all information about the vehicle’s history.
  • Lack of Specific Variety – Our Oakville dealership might not exactly have the used BMW you want. Rest assured, Budds’ BMW Oakville has a large used inventory as well as a second BMW store located in Hamilton, so the chances we can’t meet your needs are slim!

For more information on getting a used BMW car at our Oakville dealership, visit our Pre-Owned section of the website to search through our inventory, and don’t forget to book a free test drive!

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