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Planning on buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, but don’t know if it’s a good option? Budds’ BMW Oakville explains the benefits of pre-owned vehicles.

Do you wish to replace an out-of-date or broken-down automobile, but don’t have enough financial resources available to commit to buying a new one? If so, purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) car from Budds’ BMW is a good option. While they may be more expensive than non-CPO used vehicles, they are in better condition (as we perform all repairs and maintenance necessary). Typically Budds’ BMW invests over $3,000 in our Certified Pre-Owned Oakville vehicles bringing over $8,000 back to the vehicle. For additional information, let’s look at the benefits of purchasing pre-owned vehicles:

Good Condition Vehicles

Not all used cars qualify for a CPO program. Only low-mileage, recent model cars with a clean history are accepted into these programs. If a vehicle does not meet certain criteria or has undergone significant body damage (that often goes undetected when purchasing a used car), it will not be eligible for a CPO Series.

Multi-Point Reconditioning

Vehicles that qualify for a CPO program undergo a multi-point reconditioning and inspection process to ensure the car is in perfect condition to hit the road. The parts and features that Budds’ BMW replaces, reconditions, or examines vary according to the standards set by the manufacturer. However, a CPO vehicle has endured between 100 and 200 item checks during the reconditioning process. Best part of all: each vehicle goes through a thorough inspection after replacement of parts is “approved” before going on sale as a certified used vehicle in our Budds’ BMW Oakville inventory.

Roadside Assistance

One of the main benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is CPO programs provide free 24-hour roadside assistance that can last almost the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage. This service proves useful in emergency situations, such as the owner has to jump-start the vehicle, has run out of gas, or locked themselves out of the car.

Free Maintenance

Many CPO programs offer free maintenance for a specific mileage limit or period of time as part of the certification process. Last, but not the least, CPO vehicles guarantee satisfaction in all ways possible.

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